The disease isn’t contagious
but the movement is

ALS/MND Global Awareness Day-with all the initiatives to go with it

Call your local television stations, localrallies. August 15, 2019/em>

One Mom on a mission

A Mom is using all her passion and undying love. Taken so many of my family.

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501c Tax Exemption Pending.
Funds will immediately put into research, advocacy, national commercial and a global public relations initiative.

Contagious For A Cure

Calling on the media from all over the Globe To change the Narrative on this disease Demanding A Global Health Crisis. Please help by doing events in your Community.

  • One Moms mission to change the narrative of ALS/MND and it Genetic variants.
  • Please help

  • We are working on all the variants of Motor Neuron diseases And genetic variants.
  • In 149 years the disease had only a couple of big moments and a lot of tiny blips.

A Mom thought to come forward, the stigmas of these diseases are over 149 years old.

Why do some die in 6 weeks? And some live like me, slowly ever so slowly taking parts?
Now we find the answers.

A Mom’s Vision & Concept

Global Health Awareness

We wake up the world With contagious awareness.  Let the awareness spread with your voice

Join us and share the story

Global Health Crisis

About Us


A personal initiative to change the way the World looks at patients, funding, research, awareness, and advocacy. Using one small voice in a completely new way.

I have been touched by this disease. As a patient, daughter, Mother and friend,  in a completely unique way. I have been able to get to know, help, counsel, care, educate and understand both as a caregiver and someone facing the disease

It put me in a unique position. I have always been a very private person. Not Not anymore, I will stop at nothing to make awareness contagious and Global and the #alsnakedtruth be told

I fought on the sidelines, taking in all the amazing gifts or friendship, love and a connection only those in this situation could imagine.  I have watched my family fight all aspects of the Genetic rare form. I tried to wait through it, hoping the trajectory of research and funding would change.

I patiently waited for the Ice Bucket Challenge funds to change the outcome…  Instead it was again “no” urgency.  I have watched countless friends die since. And yet still “urgency” remained nonexistent.
Friends would die, the families would try to keep things going, but it is like being hit by lightning, but for my family it is a hurricane.

So, they would feel defeated. Another group of dx would come along, and I was watch heartbroken as the same sadness would ensue. I continued to get my heart taken, but also filled. I thought night and day how to change things. And it became easy.

In 149 years the disease had a couple of big moments, and a lot of tiny blips. I decided that CSince essentially the lack of known contagions, had probably kept us from treatment and a cure I would use that as a turning point and this one Mom, with her phone and passion set on a mission.  I have funded this initiative   But I could use your help   In all ways  advocacy, donations, eevents.

To finally hit a 9th inning grand slam for all those stories in my heart and soul.


My hope is that my families story is finally told, that variant is so rare only 7 families Worldwide known.
We even all progress and express the gene differently among my family. Please study us.


What We Do

Raise awareness, educate, advocate, working to make Motor Neuron Diseases and Genetic Variants a thing of the past. Changing the Narrative, and business as usual.

A Grassroots effort to work on Global Awareness, public advocacy, the inclusion of ALS/MND in Movies, Television, Commercials, Books, let the World see the progression, and devastation.

Giving the World a mission to find viable treatment. Consider yourself challenged. Let’s let this be the time that als becomes history.

Date: 08/15/2019

Location: Worldwide

Friend’s Family






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Email, Telephone, e-mail, Tweet to:
Local TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, local politicians

  • Over 150 years of taking millions of lives globally and destroying families, yet no cure or effective treatment to date.
  • Affects/Effects Men, Women, Teens, Children of all ages.
  • Affects Military 2 times greater than civilians.
  • In certain families, when it’s genetic, affects multiple generations
  • Families are in financial ruin just to provide adequate care
  • If this disease was contagious, a cure would have been found by now

What if this was your family?

Let’s take this global!

Let’s make this mission contagious!

Let’s have a cure NOW!

Go to www.contagiousforacure.com for more info

Giving the World One year to provide viable treatment.
Consider yourself challenged